A Camper’s Journey


Entering into my sixth and final camper-year at Ghany, it seems fitting to look back on my summers here. After all, it’s the camp’s principles of growth through honor, loyalty and friendship that have contributed to the young woman I am today.

Arriving at Mini Camp as a young eight-year-old, I had little idea what to expect other than fearing being homesick. Boy, was I wrong!

At the end of my week on the Greenbrier River, I was feeling nothing short of wonderful — and hopeful that my parents would sign me up for Term Camp immediately.

Everything about ‘Ghany attracted me then, as it does now at 15 — the natural beauty, the freedom it allows, the ability to press pause from social media, supportive friendships, and the confidence that I belong.

Through my experiences at camp I learned the importance of independence, amiability, and personal growth. Living in the tent community, forging new friendships, and encouraging myself to do my best in activities like Rifle and Canoe – opportunities not available at home – ensured that growth.

Most importantly, ‘Ghany taught me how to be a leader and stand out.

Now, years later, as a rising sophomore at Georgetown Visitation in Washington, D.C., I reflect on how camp so well prepared me for the craziness that is freshman year. ‘Ghany confidence in hand, I entered my new school ready to meet the challenges ahead. I made many new friends, just like I did that first year at camp, and became a leader within my class.

Often, I think of how being a ‘Ghany Girl sets me apart. During my time at camp I’ve grown into a strong and independent young woman. Entering into my last year as a camper is bittersweet. I’m excited to be back on the Greenbrier with my fellow 15s. I thank all the staff and counselors for what they have done for me, especially Elizabeth, Sam, and Bonnie, and my parents for giving me the opportunity to experience something so wonderful.

I am forever grateful for Camp Alleghany!

— Chapin Rockwell, Camper, Camp Alleghany for Girls